Norman Zocher and Cecil McBee

New England Conservatory Faculty Spotlight Concert, Jordan Hall, New England Conservatory. (All Blues: M.Davis)

Groovy by Norman Zocher

My 12 Tone, 21st Century Jazz composition (head melody at 2:19), performed by my group in the David Friend Recital Hall.

Voodoo Child arranged by Norman Zocher

My arrangement of Jimi Hendrix's Voodoo Child performed by the Jazz Composers Alliance Orchestra, guitar solo at 0:45 Click here (make this a link to circle of 5ths /4ths page) for information on the 12 tone techniques used in this composition.

Zack BBQ by Norman Zocher

My group playing my Country Zydeco composition in the B.P.C.

Hymn by Norman Zocher


A Guitar Department Concert at David Friend Recital Hall; I perform my composition, Hymn, from 58:48 to1:02:26.

Jungle Tune by Norman Zocher


Berklee on the Road 2015, in Santo Domingo, faculty concert: Norman Zocher (guitar and composition), Jim Odgren, Yoron Israel, Bruno Raberg, Darcel Wilson, Jason Camelio, Ken Cervenka, Carolyn Wilkins, Bob Pilkington, Jim Kelly

Museum of Fine Arts

Solo Guitar, Lapsteel, and Dobro Presenter for the Museum's Guitar Collection 2014 to present