Notated Examples

/Notated Examples

Open Position/BTOT Article

This article was written for the guitar department online magazine in Spring 2015 and the 2016 BTOT presentation "The Ties That Bind".

Velocity Techniques

Technique building studies for all picking and finger picking styles that are a part of my Fast and Out: How to Achieve Speed on the Guitar and Getting That "Out" Sound Faculty Artist Clinic series and the 2016 BTOT presentation "The Ties That Bind".

Circle of 5ths/4ths

This document on the nature and uses of the cycle of fifths for improvisation and composition was part of my presentation “The Inside of Out” at BTOT 2012 and “A Grand Unified Theory of Music”at BTOT 2010.

The Everything Sheet

I presented “The Everything Sheet” at BTOT 2014 showing there are only 119 diatonic and 239 chromatic structures possible with 12 notes. View PDF For real world musical examples demonstrating the structures, click here and see above videos.

Everything Sheet Licks

I presented “The Everything Sheet” at BTOT 2014 showing there are only 119 diatonic and 239 chromatic structures possible with 12 notes. This document demonstrates practical examples of these structures. View PDF